All-Electric School Buses by 2035? 

Concerned about what this looks like for your District?

Wendel, a New York headquartered firm, is a nationally recognized expert in Battery Electric buses

We have been assisting clients with the switch to alternative fuels for over thirty years. We understand the implications of switching fuels for vehicles, fueling infrastructure, vehicle operations and maintenance, logistics, and budgets, both capital and O&M. 

A great example:

The Governor of the State of Connecticut mandated that all new medium and heavy-duty vehicles be zero-emission by 2050. Wendel assisted the Connecticut State Department of Transportation, Connecticut Transit, Greater Bridgeport Transit and Norwalk Transit districts in the development of migration strategies to convert 100% of the transit bus fleets of each agency to battery electric buses. These strategies included a phased approach to implementing zero emission vehicles as the normal fleet replacement cycles occurred.

  • Wendel worked with the agencies to implement pilot programs that included design and installation of charging equipment and facility upgrades necessary to support BEBs.
  • Wendel assisted in obtaining Lo-No grants to help fund the conversion.
  • Wendel provided expert testimony before the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority on the impacts of current utility rate structures.
  • Wendel provides consulting, design and construction services to transit agencies, municipalities, school districts and private companies across the country to aide them in the conversion of their fleets to cleaner alternative fuels.

Click here to read about the new state requirement:

State to Require all-electric school buses by 2035

Wendel can help you navigate through this new state requirement! 

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What are the implications of Battery Electric Buses on my district's infrastructure? 


What are the impacts on our bus routes?

The third customer benefit

How is the District going to pay for all this?